Frequently Asked Questions

How will you find the right caregiver for my elder?

When you contact us or book a session, we make a personal evaluation of your elder’s special needs what services would work most beneficial for your elder. Then we form a plan just for your elder and manage with you on any adjustments. We then search our team to find a suitable team member for your elders. It’s the same process for a group program and individual.

How quickly can your service start?

Usually, we can match a caregiver to your elder’s individual needs and living situation within days of your first contact with us. But that’s for Individual Programs and Eyes On Elderly Program. Group Program depends on the needs of your elders and if there is an open spot in the group. Contact us, and together we’ll figure out the next best steps for your elder’s safety and happiness.

Where do you provide services?

Eyes On Elderly have caregiver everywhere the world, all our service is online.

What are the costs of your online care services?

All family that we serve receives a monthly plan specific to their needs. Particular factors help decide the exact cost:
Number of hours of care per week
A program that they choose (individual, group, eyes on elderly program)
Our services are typically billed on a monthly and hourly basis. This makes it easy for you. To discuss the precise rates for the services you may need to contact us. We’ll arrange a consultation to begin discussing a Plan and the rates for each service on your plan.

How is the privacy of my personal information secured?

We adhere to all applicable federal and state guidelines related to the privacy of personal and healthcare information.The written service agreement stipulates the exact restrictions on the use of your information, which clarifies that even unauthorized individuals will not be given access to information without a client’s – or legally authorized representative’s – formal consent.
Your information is never sold to a third party under any circumstances. Only the office personnel and caregivers who are directly involved in your services will have access to information related to the care of your elder. 

What if my elder only wants a few sessions?

That’s not a problem. We are available for how many hours or days of the week your elder wants help. If your senior wants three times a week’s session, we’re here to help. We are adjustable to fit the care that is needed and for how often you prefer.

What sort of online care services do you provide?

Eyes on Elderly provides numerous online care services across the country. A complete list of services is accessible here. To understand how we might be able to help your family specifically, take a look at our programs.

Will my family member always receive online care from the same caregiver?

Our goal is to build a strong caregiving relationship with your elder. Should your elder want to ask the different caregiver for any reason, we’ll search for a match until your elder is happy. We understand that a strong agreement and trust with a caregiver is essential to a successful online care experience.

Can your caregivers help with medications?

Yes! We can remind elders to take their medications. Medication reminders are one of our most demanded services. We can also report any side effects of medication.

What if my caregiver is sick or goes on vacation?

We will find you for that time substitution caregiver until the chosen one doesn’t get back.

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